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going to the beach is built in to the cost of living in goa
Beaches in Goa (Photo CC – Flickr Silver Blu3)

Goa is one of those wonderful places in the world where everyone wants to travel to. With beautiful beaches, adventurous activities, waterfalls and finger licking good food, Goa has it all! With all that going for it, what is the cost of living in Goa?

Note: In February 2020 $1 USD equals about 71 Indian Rupees

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Although there is a handful of us who would rather like to stay here. And why not. Here one can enjoy the views of the ocean and wake up to marvelling sunrises. And it is no wonder why everyone wants to stay here at least for a month to actually explore because apart from all the touristy places Goa has, it also has some hidden gems that takes a little time and effort to visit.

So if you are looking out to stay here, I am writing everything in detail below about the cost of living in Goa that will talk about transportation charges, food, utilities, etc.

Where to Stay and Cost of Living in Goa

Goa is divided into two. People associate Goa as South Goa and North Goa. While most of the parties and crowd go to North Goa, the secluded beaches and calm environment can be found in the South. So it is up to you what you prefer. But I would suggest you stay somewhere in the middle of the two places – Panjim. Panaji or Panjim will not offer you beach views; it is rather an Old city of Goa but there are several perks to stay here. First one is it gives you access to both the sides of Goa. Apart from this you can visit the old city which has many churches and tells the past tales of Goa. Here you can also go on heritage walks, go at a height to watch the sunset happening right behind the old city. It is one of the most beautiful experiences one can get.

Having said that, you can easily rent out a bedroom at INR 10,000 per month in the city centre. If you move out though, the cost can go down to INR 7,000. But then again, facilities outside the city centre reduces and the cost of transportation also increases. These costs can be cut down to half if you choose to stay with a room mate which is a very decent option to live in a budget.

On the other hand, if you want to buy a house instead of renting it out, the cost of per square meter to buy an apartment varies from INR 50,000 to INR 70,00.

with the affordable cost of living in goa you get to enjoy thing like this
Half Church in Goa

Transportation Cost in Goa

Getting to Goa is easy with direct flights to Goa Dabolim Airport from all over the world.

Getting around once you are in Goa used to be more difficult, but now the places in are well connected. Although most of the times if you have to go to far off places, you might have to change a lot of buses or take trains that can get fairly complex. I am splitting the cost below into two categories. One will talk about the local transport and the other will tell you the cost if you rent out your own vehicle.

Local Transport

  • This is the cheapest mode of traveling in Goa. Buses barely cost anything actually. The maximum cost of going from one place to another would be INR 100. You can also get a pass that cost just about INR 300 per month. This is by far the best way to travel at no cost to you. You can cover large distances easily. You can also take trains to go to far away places in Goa. If you want to take a taxi the base fair is INR 100.

Own Vehicle

  • The best way to travel in Goa is to rent out a motorbike. It is not only cheap but will also save you during heavy traffic. For a month, the cost of renting can go up to INR 5,000 which is a fair deal. Further the cost of petrol keeps fluctuating but does not exceed INR 70.

Utilities Cost in Goa

If you have rented out an apartment, the basic facilities such as electricity and water are necessary. You would have to pay over and above the rent to have all these facilities.

The cost of utilities which includes things like electricity, Heating, Cooling, Water will not exceed INR 2,000 per month. Further, the cost of the Internet is approximately for INR 700 per month depending upon the broadband you choose.

Now, if you want someone else to maintain your household and throw out the garbage, that would cost about another INR 1,000 per month.

as part of the cost of living in goa you can visit the safa masjid mosque
Safa Masjid Mosque in Goa

The Cost to Dine Out in Goa

In Goa, there are so many cafes and places to explore and party that people hardly stay in their houses during the night. The night life in Goa is crazy and everyone is out in the streets celebrating. Some of the Goans prefer going to the quiet streets like in Panjim to dine out and sometimes they go to a party in North Goa.

Now, in Goa you have various options to choose from. You can go to an inexpensive restaurant and can also dine in mid range restaurant. The prices in this case are somewhere between INR 250 to INR 1,000. Plus, you can get water bottles for INR 15 bucks only.

Food Costs in Goa

If you want to cook for yourself and buy groceries in this case, there are several outlets where you will be spending somewhere about INR 8,000 in a month to buy everything that includes milk, rice, vegetables, etc.

There are several local vegetable markets from where you can easily buy all the groceries at much cheaper prices than what is being sold usually in a grocery shop. But the total cost won’t go further than INR 8,000.

Image of Old Portuguese Rei Magos Fort in Goa India
Old Portuguese Rei Magos Fort in Goa

Cost of Entertainment in Goa

In Goa, it is all about entertainment. There cannot be a dull day (or night) for you. There are numerous activities happening and it is up to you what you want to enjoy on a particular day. For a few locals sitting in a local bar and enjoy a bottle of beer is everything, but for others going to a club and partying the entire night is mandatory.

In Goa, you can go out shopping, enjoy a movie, go on a long drive, have a long beach walk. Basically, it is up to you how you want to spend the day and the cost of each of the activity is different. Although each of them is not costly as well, except for shopping.

Goa is known for its cheap beer. You can easily get an imported beer for less than 150 bucks, while the domestic beer is as low as INR 60.

Although if you are looking for other activities as entertainment then the price to watch a movie in a cinema is INR 250. Further, things like fitness club will cost somewhere around INR 1,500.

Shopping in Goa is a little expensive. Goans themselves avoid shopping here as the clothes are usually sold at a higher price than usual, however, if you still want to go ahead and buy things for yourself then a dress would cost about INR 2,000, while a pair of jeans would cost approximately about INR 2,500.

Some Tips for your Travels to Goa

Every person who visits Goa, usually heads towards the North, which is nice no doubt but mostly crowded. It is the party hub of Goa and many nationals come over the weekend in Goa to party and chill in the North. If you are like me, traveller by heart and exploration in mind, I would highly suggest you to add South Goa in the list of places to visit as well.

The perception of many people is that Goa is just about beaches, which is so wrong because apart from churches and ocean it also has a history that you can only experience if you are exploring the old Goa. Go to Fontainhas and do heritage walks and dine out there. You will get Greek and European vibes in this place.

Further, there are a few forts that give an amazing view of the ocean in its vintage vibe. Few of the notable ones are Reis Magos and Aguada Fort.

Also, do not miss out on the island! Yes, right in the middle of Goa there is an island known as Divar island where you can interact with the locals and see the European built homes.

What I love About Goa

Goa is like my home. I keep coming back to this place and I absolutely love everything about it. The people here, the relaxed environment, how it is the perfect party place and also a perfect place to meditate at the same time.

I have travelled to many places but Goa by far has the best facilities when it comes to transport, stay options and food. Spend some time here and you will love it.

Photo of Author Radhika Sharma who wrote the cost of living in Goa
The Author Radhika Sharma in Goa, India

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