(Last Updated On: November 29, 2022)
Photo of a Guatemalan Chicken Bus

Boarding a Guatemalan Chicken Bus

Ever wonder what happened to your old school bus? Well, there is a possibility it is living a second life as a “Chicken Bus” in Guatemala. Guatemalan Chicken Busses are called “Chicken Buses” presumably because there are occasionally used to transport livestock but I saw no evidence of this during my so far, only experience on these marvels of ingenuity.

Old Crowns, Waynes, Blue Birds and others are imported and modified. They are given new more powerful engines to handle mountainous roads. The last few rows are cut off to make the bus shorter for maneuvering in tight spaces. They are often given elaborate pain jobs and put back on the road. Many drivers of these machines are justifiably proud of their “rides” and go to great pains to keep them in top shape.

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