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Market 28 in Cancun
Market 28 in Cancun

I am not usually one for craft markets and bargaining over a few pesos so I can feel like an ersatz little deal maker but I actually enjoyed meandering around Market 28 in Cancun for a few hours one morning a few weeks ago.

One of the pleasures of being retired is that I can now wander aimlessly through places like “Market 28” just for the pleasure of taking in the sights, sounds, and adventure.

I wasn’t looking for souvenirs or tee shirts to take home so I could prove I was in Cancun; I was just in the place to people watch, soak up some atmosphere and even though the place is a relative frenzy, relax a little.

I surprised myself. I actually had a good time and managed to pick up a few things I actually needed.

If you can pull back the curtain on the chaos in Market 28 in Cancun you will discover a community of small shopkeepers and restaurateurs doing their best to provide for their families and survive in an ever more punishing competition with big-box retailers who would like nothing more than to take away even their small profits.

Look and you will see generations working together to make things work. There are young children doing homework in the corners, grandparents keeping things orderly and ambitious entrepreneurs arranging and rearranging to make things look as inviting as possible.

Vendor in Mayan Clothes Working at Market 28 in Cancun
Vendor in Mayan Clothes Working at Market 28 in Cancun

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On my little stroll, I also stopped for breakfast and a coffee. The menu had several things on it that I had never tried before but between my inept Spanish and the shopkeepers broken English we managed to determine that I wanted the Huevos motuleños; a dish made with eggs, tortillas, black beans and cheese.

This version in “Market 28” also had peas, ham and a fried plantain on top. It was fun to try something other than bacon and eggs and it was delicious!

So, next time, you are in one of these markets, take the time to see beyond the commotion, the tee shirts with “funny” sayings and refrigerator magnets; see something that is moving and heartwarming. Just please, don’t bargain too hard.

The people in Market 28 in Cancun are just trying to make a life like everyone else in the world.

How to Get to Market 28 From the Hotel Zone in Cancun

Take the R2 or R15 bus and tell the driver you want to go to Market 28. They will tell you where to get off, then it is only a few blocks walk to the market.

Market 28 is open from 08:00 AM to 08:00 PM

Huevos Motuleños at Market 28
Huevos Motuleños at Market 28

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