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The Water Comes, The FIsh Eats Ants The Water Goes, The Ants Eat The Fish buddhist saying

The Water Comes, The Fish Eats Ants The Water Goes, The Ants Eat The Fish

Imagination is a funny thing. We all use it, but different people use it in different ways. Imagine two people taking a long journey to a place they haven’t been before. Both of these people have been around the block a few times, have a basic understanding of the world and have experienced most of the same things in life. One draws upon past experience, projects the good times forward and is looking forward to a great adventure. The other draws upon their same experiences, projects bad times forward and is filled with dread. The difference is fundamentally the type of people they are. That is the power of imagination.

A pessimist internalizes life’s bad times and uses their power of imagination to recall trying times and the ugliness they have experienced in their past and project it forward. They expect to be disappointed and inevitably, through their approach and disposition, they will get what they expect. They feed upon the other pessimists around them and in a negative feedback loop their mood, and the mood of the people around them, continue to sour. An optimist on the other hand, because they tend to internalize life’s good times, expect great times and inevitably they too will find that. If they find other optimists to bring themselves and each other up and they too, inevitably, have the great journey they imagined.

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I guess what I am trying to say is, we can’t control every event, but we can be 100% in control our attitudes toward things that happen. Bad things happen to everyone, but letting the power of imagination destroy or poison our lives is inevitably a way of destroying our happiness.

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