(Last Updated On: June 4, 2018)

Vietnamese Weasel Coffee or Kopi LuwakThis coffee is crap. Weasel waste. Really! During a recent trip to Hanoi, Vietnam I noticed then the markets were rich with stalls selling “cà phê Ch?n” loosely translated as, weasel coffee and I couldn’t resist trying some.

Weasel coffee, aka “Kopi Lowak” is what is left after an Asian Palm Civet eats coffee cherries and later “passes” the indigestible pit. The pits (green coffee beans) are gathered and (hopefully) thoroughly cleaned. The beans are then dried and later lightly roasted in a special chicken fat that is supposed to add additional flavor and richness.

How anyone discovered this is inexplicable to me. I do love good coffee but I was wary. This crap is expensive. I was also, of course, hesitant to try something that’s flavor has been “enhanced” by passing through the digestive tract of what looks like a cute rat. But, the big question is how does it taste? Honestly, it is freaking delicious! Would you try it?

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