(Last Updated On: June 4, 2018)
One of My Cameramen in Vietnam

One of My Cameramen in Vietnam

It is definitely a crazy world. Last month when I was in Hue, Vietnam I was selected – more accurately picked randomly from a crowd – to be put on what is apparently a hit South Korean television show; Barefoot Friends. I know nothing about Korean Variety Television, “KPop”  but according to my Asian friends, this show is a big deal all over the region. I think the show is kind of like the American television show “Amazing Race” only with celebrities. My “driver”, when he is not pedaling a bicycle pedicab for money was, who I am told, famous Asian comedian, Yoo Se Yoon. This was definitely no low budget affair. There were at least six cameras including remote trucks and even an aerial drone to record the “event”.

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It all felt pretty silly, a little embarrassing and I still cringe every time someone mentions this thing but it was good times and I met some nice people. Anyway, for better or worse, in my Korean Television premiere, here I am!

[vimeo 65218736 w=600&h=400]


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