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Our Viking River Cruise Grand European Tour Daily Diary

Day 1 – Budapest

Day 2 – Budapest

Day 3 – Sailing to Vienna

Day 4 – Vienna

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Day 6 – Passau, Germany

Day 7 – Regensberg, Germany

Day 8 – Nuremberg, Germany

Day 9 – Bamberg, Germany

Day 10 – Würzburg, Germany

Day 11 – Wertheim, Germany

Day 12 – Braubach, Germany

Day 13 – Cologne, Germany

Day 14 – Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

< Our Viking River Cruise Grand European Tour: Day 9 – Bamberg, Germany

Woohoo, is that blue sky out there? A few options on offer today, many passengers opted for the full day trip to Rothenburg which sounded nice, but we decided to stay cruising a little longer until we reached Würzburg and explore there instead.

We moored in town around 11.30 am and tempting as it was to hang on till lunch, well we hadn’t eaten for at least two hours, we decided to venture into town. Just across from where our ship docked and towering above the city, since 1201, was the rather impressive looking Marienberg Fortress but alas, it’s closed on Mondays.

Marienburg Fortress on the Main River
Marienburg Fortress on the Main River

However the sun was shining, and it was a pleasant stroll into the town. Just a short walk alongside the river, a turn right at the Old Main Bridge lined with many saintly Baroque statues, and we were there. It’s a charming university town to explore, and although intense bombing during WWII left much of the town destroyed, it has been painstakingly rebuilt and has now got one of the best shopping centres in Bavaria!

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So we had a wander, admiring the various churches and the old town hall (but no shopping) Stopped at a bratwurst stall to enjoy a local snack! Yes, I know our food is all included on the ship but one of the highlights of travelling (well for us anyway!) is sampling the local food, and well for just €2, it would be daft not to.

Jon Enjoying a Delicious Bratwurst
Jon Enjoying a Delicious Bratwurst

But the main reason we had stopped in Würzburg was to see the Bishops’ Residenz. This is one of Germany’s most impressive baroque palaces and is now UNESCO-listed. It’s huge; it’s decadent, it’s fabulous inside, the baroque and rococo style rooms are totally over the top with each room competing to be more extravagant than the others. With its famous grand staircase and the largest ceiling fresco in the world, yes even larger than the Sistine Chapel, it’s an impressive sight. Unfortunately, as with many of these magnificent buildings, we can’t take photographs inside, but strangely enough, you always exit through the bookshop where postcards and photos are available for sale!!!! But for more information and a sneak peek at the rooms, have a look at their website http://www.schloesser.bayern.de/englisch/palace/objects/wu_res.htm

Bishops Residence in Wurtzberg
Bishops Residence in Wurtzberg

Later, a walk through the Palace Gardens and the university part of the town brought us back to the ship.

Some time to relax and continue working our way through the wine list, then dinner, followed by a live glassblowing demonstration. Quite an amusing character but a little too much emphasis on wanting us to buy his goods, but I guess that was just us thinking that as many passengers queued up at the end, keen to part with their money.

Next stop: Wertheim


Blue sky just makes everywhere look good
The Bishops’ Residenz – a must see


Not being able to take photos inside the Bishops’ Residenz

Our Viking River Cruise Grand European Tour: Day 11 – Wertheim, Germany >

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