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Our Viking River Cruise Grand European Tour Daily Diary

Day 1 – Budapest

Day 2 – Budapest

Day 3 – Sailing to Vienna

Day 4 – Vienna

Day 5 – Melk, Austria

Day 6 – Passau, Germany

Day 7 – Regensberg, Germany

Day 8 – Nuremberg, Germany

Day 9 – Bamberg, Germany

Day 10 – Würzburg, Germany

Day 11 – Wertheim, Germany

Day 12 – Braubach, Germany

Day 13 – Cologne, Germany

Day 14 – Kinderdijk, The Netherlands

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Very cold start to the day this morning, down to 1 degree (Celsius). Now, that may not sound cold to some but don’t forget Jon and I lived in Laos and Thailand for a long time, so our blood is still Asian!!

Wandering Around Wertheim, Germany
Wandering Around Wertheim, Germany

But cold as it was, the sky was blue, so bundled up in all our winter clothes, we strolled into the nearby town of Wertheim. It’s a picturesque medieval town with half-timbered houses and narrow streets, located at the confluence of the Tauber and Main Rivers.

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Our Viking River Cruises ship moored in the Main River
Our Viking River Cruises ship moored in the Main River

Overlooking the town are the ruins of Wertheim Castle, one of Southern Germany’s largest stone fortresses with great views of Bavaria. As we walked down from the castle, the air was filled with the sound of organ music coming from the local church and the smell of bread from the local bakery. We pottered around the small town for a while, just soaking in the ambience.

On our return to the ship, we were greeted with a cup of mulled wine (which I’ve been hinting for on board since we started the cruise!) It’s the perfect way to warm up after our morning’s excursion and keep warm while relaxing on our balcony and just admiring the surroundings.

Sarah Drinking Mulled Wine on Our Private Balcony
Sarah Drinking Mulled Wine on Our Private Balcony

It wasn’t too long before lunch, and as our ship cast off, we headed to the main dining room for mushroom ravioli. Yummy! Bellies full and after a few more cups of mulled wine, it was time for a siesta. This river cruising lifestyle is so exhausting!

At 3 PM, more food appeared as it was German teatime with cakes, and scones with clotted cream. We tried to resist, but a few egg and watercress sandwiches found their way into my stomach! But eating everything on offer is a significant part of cruising!

It May Be COld, but the Christmas Markets are Coming to Wertheim
It May Be COld, but the Christmas Markets are Coming to Wertheim

Later on that afternoon, there was a presentation or let’s call it a sales pitch about other cruises that Viking offer. Have to say, the cruise through Russia looks fantastic.

Then as is the way of river cruising, we enjoyed a pre-dinner cocktail, dinner with new friends. Even after 11 days, we are still meeting new people we have never seen before, and that’s with only 190 passengers on board.

And with that, it was time for bed. Tomorrow we start cruising along the Rhine, next stop: Braubach.


The picturesque town of Wertheim
The views from the ruins of Wertheim Castle
Mulled wine when we returned to the ship


Freezing cold (but blue sky, so quite nice, but I have to moan about something!)

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