(Last Updated On: January 15, 2020)
Train Station Flower Market in Burma
Train Station Flower Market in Burma

Near the start of our 50-mile trekking adventure from Kalaw, Myanmar to Inle Lake we came upon the train station in the village of Aungpan, Myanmar. It was a cute little town and we stopped for a bowl of Shan noodles at one of the town’s tiny restaurants, but what I found most fascinating was the market. This was no tourist market. It was filled with delicious looking fruits and vegetable, household items and street food. Most surprising to me was the amount of business being done in flowers! They were everywhere. When the train came people were hanging out of windows to get flowers presumably to use in their homes. I hope not too many people arrived home to the question, “What did YOU DO?”

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Image made with a Canon PowerShot G16 “Point and Shoot” Camera!

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