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Things to do in Évora, Portugal

Drone Photo of the Red Tiles Roofs of Evora, Portugal évora
Drone Photo of the Red Tiles Roofs of Evora, Portugal

It’s our second visit to Évora, a beautiful town located in the heart of the Alentejo region in Portugal. We were actually on our way to Gibraltar to housesit for a cat. According to Google maps, Gibraltar is only a seven and a half hour drive from our home on the silver coast in Portugal, but we like to travel slow and have decided to take a couple of days to get there.

Evora, Portugal is well worth a visit. It’s a town with a long history, some excellent restaurants, and charming guesthouses. Here’s a list of some of the best places to visit in Évora.

Photo of Evora, Portugal from the Chapel of Bones évora is a great Things to do in Evora, Portugal
Photo of Evora, Portugal from the Chapel of Bones

Capela dos Ossos

The Capela dos Ossos aka Chapel of Bones is a fascinating yet rather macabre place to visit. It is one of Evora’s most visited sites. At the entrance to the chapel, you are greeted with a Portuguese inscription that translates as, “we, the bones that are here await yours.” Well, I think that’s how it translates, my Portuguese is still a little rusty!

Inside the Chapel of Bones in Evora, Portugal évora is a must see Things to do in Evora, Portugal
Inside the Chapel of Bones in Evora, Portugal

The inside of the chapel is decorated from floor to ceiling, with skulls and more than 5,000 bones. It’s weird but incredibly beautiful at the same time. But why did they do this? Well, apparently during the 16th century, the graveyards around Evora were so full that the bones were exhumed so that new bodies could be buried.

The Chapel of Bones is part of the Igreja de Sao Francisco complex. It costs four euros to enter. The chapel is only small but well worth visiting, but the price of your ticket also includes a visit to the church museum and a nativity scene exhibition.

Detail Inside the Chapel of Bones
Detail Inside the Chapel of Bones

Opening Hours Of The Chapel of Bones

The Chapel of Bones is open daily except for Sunday, from 09:00 – 12:50 and 14:30 – 17:30. Open one hour longer in the summer.

Évora Cathedral

Évora Cathedral top Things to do in Evora, Portugal
Evora Cathedral

Evora Cathedral, located at the highest point of the town, is the largest medieval church in Portugal. For a small fee, it is possible to visit the rooftop which offers excellent views over the city or wander among the orange trees of the Gothic Cloisters but, alas, it was closed when we arrived.

Evora Cathedral Opening Hours

Evora Cathedral is open daily from 09:00 – 12:00 and 14:00 – 16:00

Roman Temple of Évora

Close to the cathedral and one of Evora’s favorite sites is the Roman Temple. If you have been to Rome, you may not be that impressed, but it is the best preserved Roman building to be found on the Iberian Peninsula.

It is located in a square, very close to the Evora Cathedral but you cannot actually enter the site, but you can walk around. The Jardim de Diana Gardens are located just to the north of the square, here you can relax and enjoy a coffee or beer.

Roman Temple in Évora, Portugal
Roman Temple of Evora, Portugal

Evora’s Historic Centre (Old Town)

Wandering around the maze of Evora’s cobbled streets is fun. It’s a town best explored on foot. You will discover many charming photo opportunities along the way.

Wandering Évora's Old Town
Evora’s Old Town

Praça do Giraldo

Located in the heart of the old town is Praça do Giraldo, the town’s main square. Filled with cafes and bars, Praça do Giraldo a great place to enjoy a drink and people watch. The Tourist Information Centre is located in the square and is a good source of information and has loads of free maps of the area.

It’s hard to believe that this lovely square was once a significant site for the 16th century Spanish Inquisition Court.

Relive the Spanish Inquisition Court, or Just Have a Drink at Praça do Giraldo
Relive the Spanish Inquisition Court, or Just Have a Drink at Praça do Giraldo

Our Favourite Restaurant in Evora, Portugal

OK, admittedly we only know one. We went there on our first visit, loved it so much, we booked a table and went there on our second visit too.

The restaurant is the Taberna Tipica Quarta Feira, located on Rua do Inverno 18. Just a short walk from the Praça do Giraldo. It’s a fixed menu of local Alentejo dishes, the only thing you get to choose is the wine. Reservations are needed, we saw several people being turned away the night we were there. It’s possible to make reservations via Facebook messenger, they respond quickly, and yes they can speak English. Cash only, no credit cards.

Sorry, the Food Was So Good, We Forgot to Take Photos Before We Started Eating
Sorry, the Food Was So Good, We Forgot to Take Photos Before We Started Eating

Accommodation in Evora

There’s plenty of accommodation in the city. We always find ours through Booking.com. On this trip we stayed at the Ibis Hotel. We are not huge fans of chain hotels, but it’s located right by the old city walls, has free parking, private bathrooms and pet friendly. If you are not travelling by car, then I would choose one of the many charming guesthouses in the old city.

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Street Cafe in Evora
Street Cafe in Evora

Where is Evora, Portugal?

Evora is in the Alentejo region in southern Portugal. Actually, Evora is the capital of Alentejo, which means “beyond Tagus” the river which flows to the ocean in Lisbon. Alentejo is the largest region in Portugal and, we think, produces Portugal’s finest wines.

Evora Portugal Map

How to get to Evora, Portugal

We drove, but it’s also easy to reach Evora, as a day trip, by train or bus from Lisbon. Both the train station and the bus station are within an easy walking distance of the historic centre. The bus station is slightly closer.

You could also take a day tour from Lisbon. This highly rated tour also includes a side trip to the Megaliths.

Or this one that includes a side trip to Montsarez with wine tasting. Portuguese wines from the Alentejo region are the best!

Side-trips from Evora

The Megaliths –

Drone Image of the Megaliths Near Evora, Portugal
Drone Image of the Megaliths Near Evora, Portugal

There are many megalithic sites close to Evora and even throughout the whole of central Alentejo. They are fascinating to visit. Some date back to 5500-4500 BC, yep, older than Stonehenge. The easiest way to find them is to drive yourself, but for those without a car, there are tours available. Check with your hotel or the Tourist Information Office for details.

The Village of Montsaraz –

Drone Image of Montsaraz, Portugal
Drone Image of Montsaraz, Portugal

Less than an hour’s drive from Évora is the gorgeous old hilltop castle town of Montsaraz. The view from the castle overlooks vineyards, Alentejo villages, lakes, and mountains. The area is stunning.

It makes an excellent day trip from Evora or even as an overnight stop. Montsaraz is a great place to wander along the cobbled streets, climb the steps up the castle walls and just enjoy the scenery. Plenty of parking nearby. It is also possible to get to by bus from Evora.

Have you been to Portugal? What was your favourite place? Tell us about it in the comments.

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