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Sarah in Valletta with Baggallini Bags
Sarah in Valletta with Baggallini Bags

When our new friends at Baggallini said, ‘Hey, do you want to try out a couple of our Baggallini travel bags?’ I hesitated a little. I’m embarrassed to say I wasn’t actually aware of this brand, but I checked out their surprisingly easy to navigate website and was suitably impressed. ‘Yes, please!’ I shouted.

In the past, I was always a massive fan of big bags, and then I met Jonathan. ‘Can you carry this for me?’ ‘Can I pop this camera lens in there?’

His stuff was heavy. I mean, seriously heavy. My shoulders ached constantly. So my bags became smaller, much smaller. ‘Sorry, honey, there’s no room in my bag,’ I replied, inwardly relieved.

But even with small bags, it was still hard to find keys, phone, pens. Coins somehow vanished into unknown crevices.

Baggallini to the rescue!

The Baggalini Take Two RFID Bryant Crossbody Bag

Baggallini Crossbody
Baggallini Crossbody Bag

I have to say I immediately fell in love with their Take Two RFID Bryant Crossbody bag.

Why? Well, I have always liked the idea of crossbody bags, but because I’m tall, the straps were never long enough. So I always ended up wearing over one shoulder, which kind of defeats the purpose of a crossbody. But this adjustable strap was long, in fact, I could grow another four inches, and the bag would still be perfect.

It’s ever so lightweight, just 5.5 oz and it’s water-resistant which is rather handy when you’re travelling. The bag comes in 11 colours. Most colours are neutral tones which personally I prefer.

It’s not a big bag, only 5” W x 7.25” H x 0.75” D but there’s plenty of room for a phone, keys, credit cards, travel passes, money, lipstick. And as I often wear it when I’m walking the dog, there’s also room for a collapsible water bowl for her.

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For someone like me, that still loses everything even in a tiny handbag; I’m really impressed with the interior organisation. There are pockets for everything, even a quick access phone pocket!! Now I just have to remember which pocket but at least I don’t have to pull everything out while hunting for my keys.

For peace of mind, the bag has an RFID protected interior with five card slots. So if you were worried about digital identity theft before, now, you don’t have to be!

And although I haven’t used it yet, there’s also a removable wristlet strap. But I’m still at the excited I’ve found a crossbody bag that fits stage.

The bag is just $48 and comes with a one year warranty.

The Baggallini Explorer Backpack

Baggallini Backpack Explorer
Baggallini Explorer Backpack

I admit I have a few backpacks, well I travel a lot. But the Baggallini Explorer Backpack has just been promoted to my new favourite backpack.

Why? Well, it’s incredibly lightweight, just 1 lb. 0.8 oz. I wasn’t aware that my current daypack was so heavy until I tried this one. I also love the fact that it has locking zips. That makes me feel more secure when walking in crowds.

The straps are adjustable, but I love them because they are really soft, so no more chafing on shoulders. The bag comes in three colours – black, navy and sterling shimmer.

Having Coffee Baggallini Backpack Explorer and Baggallini Crossbody
Having Coffee Baggallini Explorer Backpack and Baggallini Crossbody

There’s also a quick access phone pocket which fits iPhone 8 & iPhone 8 Plus and a padded laptop sleeve, so I can easily bring my iPad along with me.

Considering that the bag is only 9” W x 12” H x 4” D, it’s got loads of multifunctional pockets. I’ve never been so organised in my life!

The Baggallini Explorer backpack also comes with an RFID protected interior panel with three card slots. Although I haven’t used those yet as I only have five cards and they are all safely tucked away in my Take Two RFID Bryant Crossbody.

The bag is $98 and comes with a one year warranty.

And You Know What Else I Like About My Baggallini Bags?

Baggallini Backpack Explorer and Baggallini Crossbody
Baggallini Explorer Backpack and Baggallini Crossbody

The Take Two RFID Bryant Crossbody fits comfortably into the front pocket of the Explorer Backpack. Perfect for when airport staff say, ‘Only one item of hand baggage allowed.’

And for those flying around Europe on budget airlines, where the hand luggage allowance shrinks a little more every time you travel, the Baggallini Explorer backpack still fits the size requirements.

Would I Recommend the Bagallini Take Two RFID Bryant Crossbody Bag and the Explorer Backpack?

Walking Angel the Dog With Baggallini Backpack Explorer and Baggallini Crossbody
Walking Angel With Baggallini Backpack Explorer and Baggallini Crossbody

Absolutely! Maybe not for serious hikes, but DEFINITELY for everyday use, city breaks, short-haul and long-haul adventures, it’s a YES from me.

Disclosure: Baggallini Bags sponsored this post. However, this has no bearing on my honest review above, and any type of monetary compensation did not influence me. The opinions and experiences I’ve shared with these bags are entirely my own, and yours may differ.

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