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Pont Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg during Autumn
Pont Adolphe Bridge in Luxembourg during Autumn

Is Luxembourg Worth Visiting?

Most people’s reaction when we said we were going to visit Luxembourg for a weekend was ‘haha how exciting – not!’ Or ‘I remember driving through there once, took about an hour, nothing to see!’ Even the immigration guy at the airport said as he flicked through our passports, ‘Wow, you’ve been to so many exciting places, why are you going to visit Luxembourg?’

Why Visit Luxembourg?

So why indeed? Well, an opportunity came up to take care of a gorgeous Maine coon cat, neither of us had ever been there before and there were cheap flights there direct from our then home in Lisbon (and from many cities in Europe) so why not go and you know what, for a long weekend, it’s a gorgeous place to visit.

The city is small enough to walk around, although they are currently building a tram system. To get our bearings on the first day, we joined a walking tour of the city booked through the tourist board. It wasn’t a large tour where we followed a lady with a sign, although I expect on Saturdays and Sundays, it would be much busier. The walk was led by a lovely lady who was so excited to show off her city and the many gorgeous viewpoints and its history.

Flower Market in Luxembourg
Flower Market in Luxembourg

Places to Visit in Luxembourg

The old town was incredibly picturesque, with its rivers, gorges, green spaces, charming architecture, weekend markets, and squares to enjoy coffee or a glass of wine while watching the world go by. The cathedral was beautiful with an interesting map showing how Luxembourg has decreased in size over the years.

Maybe it was the clear blue skies, maybe it was the beautiful colours of the autumn foliage but yes, we loved Luxembourg and would definitely recommend here for a two or three-night break.

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BCEE Bank Clock Tower in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg
BCEE Bank Clock Tower in Luxembourg City, Luxembourg

Top Tips For Visiting Luxembourg

Wear comfy shoes, this small city is best seen on foot.

Join one of the city walking tours offered by the Luxembourg Tourist Office

Do as the locals do and sit in one of the city’s square while enjoying a coffee or a beer and people watch.

Luxembourg is a little more expensive than other parts of Europe. For the budget conscious pet lovers amongst you, consider housesitting.

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